Johannesburg leaking toilet

Johannesburg leaking toilet

Johannesburg’s leaking toilet is a common reason for residents to call us. Most people will not understand how much water a leaking toilet can waste on a daily basis. Ever had that frustration of slipping and nearly falling from water on your toilet floor? You see, it is even dangerous. Saving our clients’ necks, we jump into action to do our part for the community. Money saved on wasted water will pay for the repairs. Most people don’t know that if your toilet pan exhaust is leaking, you might have methane entering your premises. In these perilous times, we need to keep our health and immune system optimal. Thus, it is highly advisable to get a qualified plumber to assist you as opposed to attempting a DIY job.

Johannesburg leaking toilet

Leaking angle Valve

Angle valve leaking can be due to the water supply pipe in the wall that is cracked, resulting in a water leak. If this is the case, we need to remove your angle valve. Firstly, expose the pipe inside the wall. Secondly, repair the leak and refit an angle valve. In all instances, we will replace the angle valve with a new one. The reason for this is simple, by the time we get to your angle valve, it is already warm. Obviously, we will also replace your Flexi hose between the angle valve and the cistern. This makes for a job well done and we will also clean the work area once we are finished.

Leaking Beta Valve

Beta valve leaking can cause tremendous water loss and a lot of money taken out of your pocket. Your water consumption will escalate exponentially with a beta valve leak. The beta valve is a piece of rubber that cost almost nothing, how insane is that. Yet, when not replaced, water will run non-stop into your bowl, making your water bill skyrocket. You can test a beta valve leak by simply taking toilet paper and wiping the inside of your bowl, above the waterline, and checking whether or not it is wet. If you look at the toilet paper and it is wet, you must sit and think how much money have I wasted the past month? Now is the time to go check out your other toilets.

Johannesburg leaking toilet exhaust

Toilet exhaust connectors to the sewer line are infamous to leak. So, if you are standing in that water, bare feet, understand that you are possibly standing in contaminated water. The exhaust takes the sewer from the toilet into the main sewer line, and therefore the possibility that the water leaking can be contaminated is large. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you don’t have water seepage from the sewer line into your premises as it is highly unhygienic. It is an easy enough job for our guys on the road, as they carry all the spares with them to do the job on the spot.

We stock all the different Beta Valves used for a Johannesburg leaking toilet

So many different versions of beta valve systems are on the market, and they are quite complicated. An ideal job for a qualified plumber doing a professional job, ensuring your total satisfaction.

Leaking Cistern

A leaking cistern is a result of various issues. A worn beta valve is a typical example and typical example. However, we have found loose cisterns resulting in the outlet of the cistern pipe becoming misaligned and leaking as a result thereof. Certain cases, especially ceramic cisterns, fine hairline cracks form due to physical damage. This also causes leaks not always visible to the eye initially, but eventually, these cracks become more vivid and noticeable, causing frustration.

Loose toilet pan / Cistern

A loose toilet pan or cistern easily causes misaligned piping with subsequent water leaks. This is the easiest job for us as plumbers to fix. However, once we are finished, you cannot use the toilet for 24 hours, so alternative sewer usage needs to be available or arranged. The reason for this is that the cement needs to set properly, else the toilet will just be loose again and misaligned.

Cracked Pan

Cracked pans are by far the issue that instantly gives us goosebumps. Nothing more horrific imaginable is a cracked toilet pan. The possibility that it could break when sitting on the toilet and give way. Major arteries in your upper leg, when cut, can make you bleed out within seconds. If you have one of these, contact us immediately. No life is worth the money spent to replace this horror.

What our client say

Blocked sewer line cleaning on a Thursday evening prevented us from having an uncomfortable Friday because we could not handle the stench anymore.

Blocked sewer line cleaning

Blocked sewer line cleaning is a service we got from Plumb A Nator on Thursday evening. We slowly started smelling an odor on Wednesday evening, but we thought nothing of it. On Thursday it developed into a more severe smell.

Being customed to be in the house during the lockdown we did not really investigate what the cause was. However, during the course of Thursday afternoon, it developed into something very serious. We investigated and found that the drain was badly blocked.

We found Plumb A Nator on the internet and we contacted them. A lady that was very helpful answered and assisted us by gathering some information. She asked us what our address was and how long the drain was blocked. She stayed in contact with us throughout the whole ordeal.

The plumber arrived and he quickly investigated the blockage. He informed us that it was our mainline that was blocked. The toilets in our house were busy backing up and we were not even aware of it. He flushed the toilet and showed us that the toilet was draining slowly.

He offered us a free quotation and seeing the price we immediately responded with yes please help us. The plumber with the help of some of his staff used a machine and the drain was flowing freely again. After he was finished he also disinfected the area and the smell was gone.

He then told us that we should not be so worried about the smell. but rather about the parasites and bacteria that were spread by the drain. I can honestly say that these guys knew what they were doing and I will recommend them to anybody. This whole ordeal played out on a Thursday evening and we are so grateful that they could help us.

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning


A burst pipe in Randburg was repaired saving us a lot of potential water damage over the weekend. We can only thank you for this great service on a Sunday evening.

We arrived home from a friend after lunch. To our surprise shortly after arriving, a soaked staircase carpet. The sound of water running. A horror to say the least. What a disaster and that on a Sunday late afternoon. We rushed up the stairs to find that the water came from the upstairs bathroom ceiling.

Calling the plumber in Randburg

Calling the plumber in Randburg is no easy job as we struggled to get one that is available. Fortunately for us, we came across Plumb A Nator that answered the call and actually came out to us. We were so relieved and impressed to see the plumber pull up in the driveway. Shortly afterward he had the situation under complete control. He closed the water mains and repaired a burst pipe in the ceiling. What a relief. All of this after we got a free call-out fee and a free quotation. He was so kind to also clean the work area after he did the repair for us.

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening


Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend to make our lives a pleasure in Sandown. Thank you so much for the outstanding service.

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend


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