Leaking mixer repair

Leaking mixer repair is done all hours of the day and night with a free call-out fee. Our plumbers on the road are fully equipped to handle any leaking mixer issue you might have. Few people appreciate the volume of water you may lose with a leaking geyser on a daily basis. Thus, we deal with a leaking mixer as soon as possible. It is key to ensure that all your leaks are seen as quickly as possible.

A dripping mixer is enough to keep any person awake. We understand the frustrations and also how much water and money are running down the drain literally. Keeping your expenses to a minimum we repair a leaking or faulty mixer fast. Unlike a tap a mixer does not use a washer to control the flow of water, it uses a cartridge. Our teams keep almost all types, makes, models, and sizes of cartridges for mixers. Thus we can efficiently repair a leaking mixer after hours.

You can lose more than 40 liters of water daily with a leaking mixer.

Yes, we can in most instances as our staff on the ground level is always fully equipped and can handle almost any eventuality at any time.

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