Leaking pipe repair

Leaking pipe repair

Leaking pipe repair is what we are geared for. Subsequently, our plumbers on the road are fully stocked with all the parts to repair your pipe in record time. Normally we keep Polycop, Galvanised, Copper, and an array of different pipe types with the correct joints like Strap on Boss clamps, Connex connectors, soldered joints, and Johnston couplings to ensure a first-time fix. Ensuring that not only your leaking pipe is fixed, we also check if you have any other leakages while we are at your premises. Doing a test like this literally takes a couple of minutes by closing all taps and then taking a water reading and comparing that with another water reading 30 minutes later. If your meter run it means you might have another leak. Normally this is a result of a leaking toilet or tap which we can also repair at the same time.

Galvanized pipes

Galvanized pipes are the oldest type of pipes used in most plumbing installations in Gauteng. At the time when the first houses and buildings were constructed, the pipe of choice was Galvanised pipes. However today we have a larger variety that features better specifications for a variety of environments. As a result, we see a lot of burst pipes in Gauteng due to Galvanised pipes that have corroded. In most cases damaged or faulty Galvanised pipes will be replaced with copper pipes.

Copper pipes

Copper piping is the pipe of choice in most instances. The reasons for this are simple. Copper pipes can withstand high and low temperatures which makes them ideal for plumbing installations. Easier to work with and simplistic to install is a major advantage. Outweighing the disadvantage of pricing is all the advantages of using copper pipes. Copper can easily be soldered or connected using Connex connectors that take almost no time to install.

Polycop pipe

Polycop pipes are mainly used for water supply as they can not handle heat or UV rays from the sun. The advantage of this pipe is the pricing and the ease of installation. Thus it is a common type of pipe used widely in homes and offices. Repairing these pipes when a burst occurs is simplistic and quick to fix which is another added advantage.


Multi-Layer Pipe (aka MLP, PEX, or Composite Pipe) is a layer of Aluminum sandwiched between two layers of plastic. PEX pipe can be bent into shape and can be used above and below ground with almost no corrosion. However, the pipe fittings must be fitted with a plastic insert to prevent moisture from entering the inner layers of the pipe. Once this has happened the pipe will corrode from the inside and burst eventually as a result. PEX is also cheap making it very affordable and it is a durable finish that will last for many years. As a result of the benefits, it is becoming more common in the South African market.

HDPE pipes

HDPE is commonly used for irrigation purposes and water main lines. Obviously, it futures a wide variety of wall thicknesses and as a result, can handle a variety of pressure. Interestingly enough this pipe is immune to UV degradation and can as a result be used above ground also. The connectors used on this type of pipe are slightly different than what is used on PEX or HVAC pipes. Plasson connectors are exceptionally strong and can handle high-pressure situations. This is by far the simplest to install and cost-effective pipe to use for cold water conditions.

Yes we do. All hour plumbing service is what we do also on public holidays.

In most cases, it takes a short period of time because our plumbers have all that is needed to repair the pipe while he is at your premises.

When you see water running down your walls, roof, or you hear the sound of water running in most cases. When you close all your taps and take a water meter reading, wait 30 minutes to an hour and take another reading. When the reading has advanced and you are sure you don’t have a running toilet it is a clear sign of a water leak through the most likely damaged pipe.

Yes, we offer a guarantee on workmanship and warranties from part suppliers. We are always willing to go the extra mile for you because we always want to retain you as a client.

Immediately close your water mains while you wait for us to try and minimize further water damage. This will help to curb the flow of water from the broken pipe until such time we reach your premises.

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