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Plumbers Parktown

Plumbers Parktown for free quotes and no call-out fees in Parktown and surrounding areas

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Plumbers Parktown with a free call out fee

Plumber Parktown covers the whole Parktown and surrounding areas of Parkview, Parkwood, Westcliff, Parktown North, Parkhurst, and Forest Town. Our experiences in these suburbs are where we spend our time. Repairing plumbing issues and we love it. The people and most importantly the dynamics of the plumbing environment. Every day is a new experience. Apart from the amazing people in the area we also have a dynamic mix. Between old areas within Parktown and more modern revamp areas. The plumbing thus varies tremendously. In simple terms, the older areas will have old worn-out piping and broken sewer lines. The revamp areas will have misaligned piping and obviously incorrect plumbing installations. We also function within the constraints of the NCCC regarding COVID19.

Parktown blocked drains, toilets, showers, and sewers

Parktown blocked drains, toilets, showers, and sewers is a serious situation in Parktown. We need to ensure that blockages are fixed as soon as possible. The reason for this is that the bacteria and parasites brewing in the blockage can potentially have adverse effects on humans. Obviously, the parasites and bacteria are carried around by flying and crawling insects. Spreading them into offices and homes. Thus, we need to curb this growth and disinfect the area as soon as possible. Especially in these times we live in. Less pressure on your health is positive as far as we are considered. Make sure if you get a blockage that you get hold of us. As we are trained to deal with these situations rather than avoid a DIY attempt.

Leaking toilets, showers, taps, and mixers in Parktown

Leaking toilets, showers, taps, and mixers in Parktown causes a lot of wastage. Which you pay for at the end of the month on your water and lights bill. This means that a leaking toilet can cost you a lot of money. The smart way to handle this situation is to use a bit of toilet paper. Wipe the toilet paper above the water line in your toilet bowl. If you see water on the toilet paper you know you are losing water. Tap, mixers, and showers you can easily notice. However, the toilet was in the past a mystery which you can now detect.

Parktown burst pipes and Geysers

Parktown burst pipes and Geysers are common and we are regularly dispatched for these issues. Parktown is barely any different than other areas of Johannesburg in terms of bursts. What is important with any burst is to close off your water mains as fast as possible. We would like you to do that as soon as possible to curb water damage, possible burns wounds if the burst is from a hot water source, and possible electrical shorts until we get to you. Once we arrive we will take over and quickly fix the leak for you. Fortunately for you, all our guys on the ground level are stocked with all the parts to do the repair for you any time of the day or night.

Water dripping from the ceiling in Parktown

Water dripping from the ceiling in Parktown could e one of two things. Either you have a burst or leaking pipe in the ceiling, or you have a burst geyser. Either way, we can assist you, When you notice the water is warm you can be sure it is in most cases a burst geyser. Another thing it will also tell you if it is a burst geyser is that your geyser was not installed according to standards because it was not fitted inside a drip tray. Drip trays prevent water damage by allowing all the water flowing out from the geyser to be dumped outside your house. We comply with all the latest installation rules and obviously, you receive a guarantee with an after-sales service when we help you.

Parktown faulty geyser

Parktown faulty geyser tells tales of cold showers or alternatively no bathing or showering at all. In keeping all the residents of the area happy and healthy we assist property owners with faulty geysers by fixing them fast and ensuring a flow of nice warm water. Few things are as irritating as a faulty geyser, especially after a hard day’s work. When we fix your geyser we also provide guarantees and fantastic after-sales service to ensure your total satisfaction because we want you to call us again when you have a plumbing issue.

Drilled into pipe in Parktown

Drilled into a pipe in Parktown is one of the most discouraging things that can happen to a DIY guy. Never mind the little mishap we can help. All the tools, expertise, and parts we have on hand to help you fast. Our guys are very helpful and will have the leak under control in no time. We expose the portion of the pipe affected and simply repair that portion in under an hour. We suggest that you close your water mains in the meanwhile so that water damage can be kept at a minimum.

Replacing the element, thermostat, and flange gasket in Parktown

Replacing the element, thermostat, and flange gasket in Parktown is a timeous exercise. We need to first drain your geyser before we can remove the old thermostat element and flange gasket. After all this, we need to fill up the geyser and test whether or not the water is warming up. A worthwhile exercise if you need warm water, but worthwhile for us to see the happy faces of clients once we are finished. This is one of the common issues in Parktown and we get one like this almost daily. What is nice about this job is we spend a lot of time while the process is underway. Thus we also look at other plumbing issues the client might have at the same time.

Plumber Parktown offering guarantees

Plumber Parktown offers guarantees as a standard service. It is key for our survival to ensure total client satisfaction by upholding a superior service. Guarantee our service will ensure that our clients will always contact us when they are in need of a plumber. We are thus looking at creating a long-term relationship with you.

Plumbers near Parktown

Plumbers near Parktown are always available to be dispatched to your location if need be. In certain instances, we need to divert more teams to your location if your job escalates into something bigger. To fight time constraints and ensuring that our teams are available for the next call we might need to opt for this. However, it is a rare occurrence.

Parktown plumbing emergency

Parktown plumbing emergency waits for no one. It is for this reason that we also never rest and always have teams available in the Parktown area. It is important to us to ensure the availability of our plumbers is always kept at a maximum level. Thus, we always have multiple teams in the Parktown and surrounding areas at your disposal.

What our client say

A burst pipe in Randburg was repaired saving us a lot of potential water damage over the weekend. We can only thank you for this great service on a Sunday evening.

We arrived home from a friend after lunch. To our surprise shortly after arriving, a soaked staircase carpet. The sound of water running. A horror to say the least. What a disaster and that on a Sunday late afternoon. We rushed up the stairs to find that the water came from the upstairs bathroom ceiling.

Calling the plumber in Randburg

Calling the plumber in Randburg is no easy job as we struggled to get one that is available. Fortunately for us, we came across Plumb A Nator that answered the call and actually came out to us. We were so relieved and impressed to see the plumber pull up in the driveway. Shortly afterward he had the situation under complete control. He closed the water mains and repaired a burst pipe in the ceiling. What a relief. All of this after we got a free call-out fee and a free quotation. He was so kind to also clean the work area after he did the repair for us.

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening


Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend to make our lives a pleasure in Sandown. Thank you so much for the outstanding service.

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend


Blocked sewer line cleaning on a Thursday evening prevented us from having an uncomfortable Friday because we could not handle the stench anymore.

Blocked sewer line cleaning

Blocked sewer line cleaning is a service we got from Plumb A Nator on Thursday evening. We slowly started smelling an odor on Wednesday evening, but we thought nothing of it. On Thursday it developed into a more severe smell.

Being customed to be in the house during the lockdown we did not really investigate what the cause was. However, during the course of Thursday afternoon, it developed into something very serious. We investigated and found that the drain was badly blocked.

We found Plumb A Nator on the internet and we contacted them. A lady that was very helpful answered and assisted us by gathering some information. She asked us what our address was and how long the drain was blocked. She stayed in contact with us throughout the whole ordeal.

The plumber arrived and he quickly investigated the blockage. He informed us that it was our mainline that was blocked. The toilets in our house were busy backing up and we were not even aware of it. He flushed the toilet and showed us that the toilet was draining slowly.

He offered us a free quotation and seeing the price we immediately responded with yes please help us. The plumber with the help of some of his staff used a machine and the drain was flowing freely again. After he was finished he also disinfected the area and the smell was gone.

He then told us that we should not be so worried about the smell. but rather about the parasites and bacteria that were spread by the drain. I can honestly say that these guys knew what they were doing and I will recommend them to anybody. This whole ordeal played out on a Thursday evening and we are so grateful that they could help us.

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning


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