Plumbers near Sandton

Plumbers near Sandton

Plumbers near Sandton for free quotes and no call-out fees in Sandton and surrounding areas

Plumbers near Sandton

Plumbers near Sandton and what it means

Plumber Sandton plumbers near Sandton offers free call-out fees and upscale plumbing services you can rely on any time of the day or night. With qualified and certified plumbers we will always be at your premises in no time. Nobody has the time in today’s busy lifestyle to waste searching for a bumper-to-bumper plumbing service that will take care of all your needs. Especially with the times, we live in with COVID and lock downs. Fortunately, we are all of that rolled into one comprehensive service that will take care of your every need. We are strictly COVID 19 compliant according to the rules of the NCCC.

Sandton blocked drains, toilets, showers, and sewers

Sandton blocked drains, toilets, showers, and sewers is a serious situation that deserves immediate attention. Especially in the times, we are living in. Thus we treat a blockage as an emergency. Being key to the overall clean environment of Sandton we ensure that all blockages are disinfected once cleaned. Preventing contamination of bacteria and parasites is key to optimize the health of the area. Sandton having a population in excess of a quarter-million people as a permanent residence it is in everybody’s interest to clear a blockage as fast as it appears. We have the right tools, qualified plumbers, and experience to assist you any time of the day or night.

Sandton blocked drain

Sandton blocked drain cleaning by certified and qualified professionals is what you need. We will strongly suggest that you avoid a DIY attempt as the tools and experience you will require to do a successful cleaning is beyond the scope of a DIY job. You need the experience so as to avoid hurting yourself. Most people do not understand how potentially dangerous these jobs really are. Apart from that fact, you need specialized tools in order to do a successful job. Our staff is in the area and can assist you now rather than taking a chance.

Sandton blocked toilet

Sandton blocked toilet can be attempted by plunging the toilet. However, if that does not help we will strongly suggest that you contact us. The reason being the fact that you will from this point forward requires specialized tools and experience to get your toilet going again. We have all the right tools, manpower, experience, and superior motivation to do the job fast. Various reasons cause blockages in toilets and it mostly revolves around bad habits. Flushing stuff that should not be flushed. We will also advise you on what should not be flushed when we visit your premises.

Sandton blocked shower

Sandton blocked shower is normally due to hair blocking the p-trap. Normally you can unclog the shower with a couple of good plunges. However, in certain cases, you will need our assistance to get it going again. When you have had a blocked shower, we will strongly suggest you sanitize it thoroughly as the parasites and bacteria that come into contact with the shower floor are in certain instances hazardous. We normally do a good sanitize when we are done.

Sandton blocked sewer

Sandton blocked sewer should normally not be attempted as a DIY attempt. Various reasons for this. Like for example, you will need special tools to do the job. Apart from that, you will need the right experience and know how in order to open the drain successfully. We have all of that plus much more. And best of all obviously we are just a call away.

Leaking toilets, showers, taps, and mixers in Sandton

Leaking toilets, showers, taps, and mixers in Sandton is the exciting things we do daily if you were wondering. The most exciting of them all is obviously the mixers and taps. These are the most common issues in the Sandton and surrounding areas. Rest assured we will always offer you the best service and parts in the industry with an amazing aftersales service with a guarantee. Our specialists on the ground level understand your needs and requirements and are fully rigged for any eventuality day or night. No more frustrations of standing in sewer water when using the toilet, or nearly slipping on the wet tiles of your toilet. Worst of all that nagging dripping sounds driving you insane in the middle of the night. Laughingly we will sympathize with you and just fix it once and for all.

Sandton burst pipes and Geysers

Sandton burst pipes and Geysers are the mothers of all nasty surprises you might enjoy in the area. We get these days and we handle them with utter finesse. Quick, easy, and efficient as we know where to touch and where to leave. It is for us a quick in and out with little discomfort. With being doing this for the past ten to fifteen years we know all that is to know about fixing a pipe or replacing a burst geyser. Our guys are so well versed in every aspect they can almost do it blindfolded for you. We keep stock so you can breathe and relax while we do the hard work so you can enjoy your hot tub after a latte.

Water dripping from the ceiling in Sandton

Water dripping from the ceiling in Sandton is every guy’s horror story when it happens. We hear I was sitting in the living room and the next moment I heard water dripping. Cold chills down your spine because the first thing you think of is water damage. Most people do not consider possible electrical shorts or a total bust and a possibility of hot water burns. Our guys are awaiting calls like these to move into action as swiftly as we can. Adhering to COVID rules and regulations we will with minimal impact on your home or office environment get the situation under control for you.

Sandton faulty geyser

Sandton’s faulty geyser is such an irritation for people especially over the weekends and after hours. Fortunately, we can assist on a 24/7 cycle. Why, how? We have stock and manpower and most importantly of all, we are willing to help. We understand the frustrations of not having hot water and particularly over weekends when you won’t take some time off from the week’s humdrum. Sandton is a  busy environment and many people in the area don’t have time because of busy schedules. Thus if your schedule does not allow the comforts of having our guys over during the day there is no stress we can see you after your busy day at the office.

Drilled into pipe in Sandton

Drilled into a pipe in Sandton are the calls we get from contractors in the area. No stress we can help quickly. A good suggestion is to close the water mains until we arrive to minimize water damage. Our guys are equipped and can handle the situation on the spot for you. With as little as a possible intrusion into the affected area. Our guys are local in Sandton and can thus be on the doorstep relatively fast to get you out of this fix.

Replacing the element, thermostat, and flange gasket in Sandton

Replacing the element, thermostat, and flange gasket in Sandton is what we enjoy the most. The reasons are simple. We can a bit of a load of and relax while doing this job as it takes a long time. Firstly we drain your geyser. Secondly, we will replace the element, thermostat, and flange gasket. Thirdly we will refill the geyser and test if the water warms up. The added benefit or pleasure is to see the happy faces when the client feels hot water again. This spells only one thing and that is a hot tub relaxing.

What our client say

Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend to make our lives a pleasure in Sandown. Thank you so much for the outstanding service.

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend


A burst pipe in Randburg was repaired saving us a lot of potential water damage over the weekend. We can only thank you for this great service on a Sunday evening.

We arrived home from a friend after lunch. To our surprise shortly after arriving, a soaked staircase carpet. The sound of water running. A horror to say the least. What a disaster and that on a Sunday late afternoon. We rushed up the stairs to find that the water came from the upstairs bathroom ceiling.

Calling the plumber in Randburg

Calling the plumber in Randburg is no easy job as we struggled to get one that is available. Fortunately for us, we came across Plumb A Nator that answered the call and actually came out to us. We were so relieved and impressed to see the plumber pull up in the driveway. Shortly afterward he had the situation under complete control. He closed the water mains and repaired a burst pipe in the ceiling. What a relief. All of this after we got a free call-out fee and a free quotation. He was so kind to also clean the work area after he did the repair for us.

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening


Blocked sewer line cleaning on a Thursday evening prevented us from having an uncomfortable Friday because we could not handle the stench anymore.

Blocked sewer line cleaning

Blocked sewer line cleaning is a service we got from Plumb A Nator on Thursday evening. We slowly started smelling an odor on Wednesday evening, but we thought nothing of it. On Thursday it developed into a more severe smell.

Being customed to be in the house during the lockdown we did not really investigate what the cause was. However, during the course of Thursday afternoon, it developed into something very serious. We investigated and found that the drain was badly blocked.

We found Plumb A Nator on the internet and we contacted them. A lady that was very helpful answered and assisted us by gathering some information. She asked us what our address was and how long the drain was blocked. She stayed in contact with us throughout the whole ordeal.

The plumber arrived and he quickly investigated the blockage. He informed us that it was our mainline that was blocked. The toilets in our house were busy backing up and we were not even aware of it. He flushed the toilet and showed us that the toilet was draining slowly.

He offered us a free quotation and seeing the price we immediately responded with yes please help us. The plumber with the help of some of his staff used a machine and the drain was flowing freely again. After he was finished he also disinfected the area and the smell was gone.

He then told us that we should not be so worried about the smell. but rather about the parasites and bacteria that were spread by the drain. I can honestly say that these guys knew what they were doing and I will recommend them to anybody. This whole ordeal played out on a Thursday evening and we are so grateful that they could help us.

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning


We operate in Sandton

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