Plumbing maintenance

Plumbing maintenance

Plumbing maintenance performed by us conforms to the highest standards because we only use the best quality materials. Fully qualified and certified artisans, and the best possible trained back-office staff. Our objective is to always ensure an environment to cultivate a long-term relationship with our clients. The reasons are simple. We understand that in these times the only way to survive. Is to stand together and protect what you have. This is surely the most important lesson in business. And that is to ensure that we take care of our most valuable asset and that is our clients.
These are some of the simplistic reasons why we will always be motivated to walk the extra ten miles for our clients. Increasingly our new clients are from word of mouth. Because our clients are exceptionally happy with our services. We like to keep it that way because that is a clear sign that we are growing. This is important for us as we are expanding constantly.

Plumbing maintenance all hours

Blocked drains

We offer a full round plumbing maintenance service. We focus on all plumbing services and draw on our expertise to ensure a smooth operation. We are people-driven and focus on keeping every client satisfied. We believe in small things that matter like cleaning the work area once we are finished. When we open a blocked drain we will always sanitize the work area to prevent parasites and bacteria. Then they are transported by flying and crawling insects into your office or residence. The benefit is numerous because we ensure that our clients are enjoying a clean and neat environment.


When we repair a geyser system we ensure that the whole geyser complies with the latest installation rules. We do this to ensure that you don’t have trouble when you lodge a claim at your insurance company. When your geyser burst and needs to be replaced. Apart from insurance purposes. We need to ensure that your geyser is protected and is safe for you.


Repairing or replacing a mixer done by us conforms to the highest standards. As we only use the best plumbers in the plumbing arena. Obviously, this is the reason why we only use the best plumbers and that is to ensure that our clients are always happy. And we prevent redo’s of jobs. The wastage of time spends on having to return to a job that was done. We could rather be spending on doing new jobs and it aggravates clients.

Leaking pipes

Leaking pipe repairs done by us are done on a free call our fee basis. We ensure that we clean the work area once we are done. Because we focus on client satisfaction and want to ensure your total satisfaction. We offer guarantees not only on the workmanship but also the parts supplied. We do this to ensure that your safety and comfort come first.

Yes, you can be regularly replacing your geyser’s anode. The anode is a metal rod that corrodes over a period of time. This rod is also called a self-sacrificing anode. We will suggest your anode must be replaced every three years.

A vacuum breaker will remove any air pockets inside your geyser. Air trapped inside the geyser can result in high levels of pressure build-up causing the geyser to burst.


A T&P valve fitted to the geyser prevents the geyser from sustaining excessive pressure. When the geyser overheats the valve will release some water to lower the pressure. Or when the pressure exceeds a certain level, it will release some water inside the geyser lowering the pressure.

When your geyser element is causing a short circuit your electricity will be tripping. It is smart not to switch your Earth Leakage to the on position right after it tripped because it contains a coil that heats up. When this coil overheats because the switch trips again it loses its sensitivity. Thus it is advised that you switch your Circuit Breaker for the geyser of then switch on the Earth Leakage. As soon as we arrive we will remedy the problem by replacing your element, thermostat, and flange gasket to ensure the proper functioning of your geyser.

Your toilet can easily lose between 200 and 400 liters of water daily. This is the reason why you should have it fixed as soon as possible because a couple of days of water wastage will pay for the repair.

We don’t mind coming and have a look to confirm for you. We do free inspections of geysers to ensure compliance with the latest installation rules. The reason is simple many geysers can be prevented from bursting by doing a simple inspection and adding components lacking which could prove life-saving for your geyser. We see many geysers without Vacuum Breakers for example.

It is not a good idea at all as the parasites and bacteria inside the drain could prove very harmful and might impact you. It is thus highly advised that you make use of the services of an equipped and trained person to help you with that.

We will strongly suggest that you close your water mains in order to prevent any further water damage. Once you have closed the water mains give us a call and once we arrive at your premises we will take over and get the burst pipe under control in no time at all.

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