Plumbing repairs

Plumbing repair

Plumbing repair

Plumbing repair in your local area by a plumber in your local area is best as that plumbers know the plumbing environment in your area. This is very important because the local plumber will be able to offer you the best advice suited to your area. For example, some areas like Auckland Park have lots of old strong trees and many damaged and aged sewer pipes. Thus we see a lot of roots in sewer lines. However, if you look at some of the newer extensions in Kempton Park we see more badly installed plumbing. Thus knowing your area is key for us and adds value to the efficiency of our plumbers on the road.

Plumber near me

Plumber near me

A plumber near me is one of the more common requests in the area and we are local to you. Thus we get a large volume of requests from clients looking for a local plumber. We are local to most people as we have plumbers in almost all areas. The small exceptions to that rule we don’t mind because we travel to every nook and cranny to service clients. Why you might ask? It is because we are client-driven and understand the satisfaction of a client directly influences our ability to survive in these challenging times we live in.

All-hour’s plumber

All-hour’s plumber is what you need in unforeseen situations. Obviously, it is of no use if the plumber is not equipped. Our plumbers are fully equipped and can thus assist you in no time. When we arrive at a client’s property it is always so exciting to see the relief when we pull up in the driveway. Especially when a major catastrophe struck like a burst pipe for example. This is what we thrive on and especially when the job is done and we are about to leave. Total satisfaction is what drives us.

Free plumbing quotes

Free plumbing quotes is a standard service we provide our clients. We will first offer you a free quotation so that you are under no obligation. Thus you can see what the real cost of the repair will be before you are committed to anything. Thus it is a safe environment before you buy our service.

No call out fee plumbers

No call-out fee plumbers is a standard service we offer our clients. Thus you are not under any obligation whatsoever. You are then in a safe place to accept or decline our service before you are committed to any financial obligations. We can not give you a true and precise price on the cost of your job by not first inspecting the severity of the issue at hand.

Blocked toilet cleaning

Blocked toilet cleaning is key to ensure your comfort and safety these days. We not only clear the blockage but we also sanitize the work area for your safety and convenience.

Blocked drain cleaning

Blocked drain cleaning is key to ensure that your immune system is not compromised these days. The reasons are simple. Flying and crawling insects carry bacteria and parasites from a blocked drain spillage into your home or office. We not only clean the drain and remove the blockage, but we also sanitize the work area to curb spreading the parasites and bacteria.

Blocked shower cleaning

Blocked shower cleaning is a key service as you are potentially standing in sewer water when showering when you keep on using this shower. This a potentially dangerous situation that you need to protect yourself from. We focus on quality service by not only cleaning the work area once we are finished, but will also sanitize the shower for you.

Slow running toilet

A slow-running toilet is a clear sign of a blockage developing. It is now the time to get a professional out to curb costs and get it sorted as fast as you can. When you catch a slow draining toilet early it can cut costs a bit as it will not be as complicated to clear the blockage.

Leaking pipe

Leaking pipe can cause disastrous water damage. Thus we need to take immediate action and fix it as fast as possible. If you have a burst pipe contact us immediately.

Leaking toilet

Leaking toilet repair depends on a full inspection of the whole toilet system. Thus confirming that the whole toilet system conforms to the highest standards possible. Thus you are guaranteed full service of the toilet system.

Burst pipe

Burst pipe repair done by us will come with a guarantee from a certified and qualified plumber. Thus you are ensured of the service you deserve.

Basin repairs

Basin repairs require a full inspection of the whole basin system to ensure that we don’t get a call back regarding another issue about the basin. We protect our reputation by ensuring that we use fully qualified and certified artisans who will ensure that your basin is working 100% correctly.

Sink repairs

Sink repairs are viewed on a holistic basis and we thus analyze all aspects of your sink. Afterward, we will clean the work area and offer you a guarantee on workmanship and guarantees on parts supplied.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure restoration is done fast and efficiently any time of the daya and night. Our staff have all the parts and tools to restore your water pressure without any complications. We also offer a guarantee on our work.

Solar geyser repairs

Solar geyser repairs done any time any place done by us are done by fully certified and qualified artisans. We carry almost all parts for any type of solar geyser and we can thus help you fast.

Leaking pressure valve

Leaking pressure valve replacement is a necessity due to the fact that a pressure valve a key safety component is protecting your geyser. We carry all shapes and sizes of pressure valves so we can help you any time any place.

When you open a garden tap when your municipal water is switched on, it will help to not allow silt traveling into your pressure valve. Thus, your water pressure will always be kept at a maximum.

When you open a garden tap when the municipal water supply was switched on again. It will prevent your pipes from bursting and also will prevent the silt in the water from entering the toilets cistern system, blocking the cistern.

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