Residential plumbing services

Residential plumbing services

Residential plumbing services is our specialty. As we have all the tools, local plumbers, parts, and experience to offer you one of the best plumbing services for property owners. Our staff are geared at helping clients with plumbing emergencies because we operate all hours including weekends and public holidays.

Our plumbing teams offer the following services:

Leaking toilet repair

Leaking toilet repair done all hours by qualified plumbers offering a guarantee on workmanship. We also don’t charge a call-out fee nor for quotations. Our staff keep stock on hand and can thus do a repair with little effort. We like to inspect the whole toilet plumbing system to ensure that every part is fully functional before leaving your premises. Once we are finished we also clean the work area to ensure your total satisfaction.

Leaking shower repair

Leaking shower repair causes damage to the tiling and leaves marks on your tiles. Apart from wasting money due to water wastage, it creates an opportunity for bacteria and parasites to bread. We inspect the whole shower system to ensure zero leaks when we leave your premises. It is key to keep your shower in good working order in order to preserve your health. By removing the unnecessary strain off your immune system.

Blocked sewer line

Blocked drain cleaning

Blocked drain cleaning is done any time of the day or night including weekends because we are trying to keep the environment clean and free of bacteria and parasites. We feel it is key at this point in time during these trying times we are living in. Parasites and bacteria can easily be carried into homes by flying and crawling insects. We will strongly suggest not to try this job as a DIY job as it could prove to be highly dangerous.

Burst pipe repair

Burst pipe repair prevents water damage and wastage of water. Our teams are equipped with all the required tools and parts to do the repair any time of the day or night and we don’t charge a call-out fee. Apart from all these benefits we also supply a guarantee on the workmanship and warranties from the suppliers.

Faulty geyser repair

Faulty geyser repair is done with a guarantee by qualified and certified plumbers. We don’t charge a call-out fee so you are under no obligation when you contact us for help. Our teams have all the parts to get your geyser in tip-top shape in no time at all.

Blocked toilet cleaning

Blocked toilet cleaning with a guarantee done by certified plumbers done without a call-out fee. Our teams have all the right tools and experience to ensure a first-time fix. Our guys on the road have all the experience to effortlessly clean your blockages in no time.

Faulty mixer repair

Faulty mixer repair by analyzing every working part of your mixer. Replacing all faulty parts ensures that your mixer will last you a long time. Our teams are stocked with all the parts needed to ensure a proper repair. Our teams are local and will be on your doorstep in no time.

Burst geyser replacement

Burst geyser replacement according to the latest installation rules by certified plumbers. We find so many geyser installations that do not comply with installation rules resulting in complications when you claim from your insurance. Obviously, we supply a guarantee with all installations and a plumbing COC for the geyser installations.

Low water pressure repair

Low water pressure repairs are done swiftly and effortlessly. Our teams have what you need to have your water pressure restored quickly. We love repairing water pressure because we understand all the inner working parts of all your pressure valves, cistern mechanisms, and all the other parts that get affected by silt and other causes of loss in water pressure.

Main drain line cleaning

Main drain line cleaning is key to good health in these times. Crawling and flying insects love blocked drains and they crawl over the affected area. Afterward, they crawl into your house if they are not flying insects. Once they spread the bacteria or parasites they have picked up at the blocked sewer site and have spread it inside your house, it will then affect you. We clean sewer lines and then disinfect the work area to curb any further spreading of these potentially dangerous bacteria or parasites.

Dishwasher installations

Dishwasher installations require a waste pipe installation for wastewater, an electrical point for you to connect the dishwasher, and lastly a cold and hot water supply point. We install all these items as we have all the parts to do the job at hand. We also have certified electricians that will install the electrical point for you.

Washing machine installations

Washing machine installations require a waste pipe installation for wastewater, an electrical point for you to connect the washing machine, and also a cold and hot water supply point. Our teams do these installations daily and can assist you in no time at all.

For all your residential plumbing services needs we have artisans on standby and they can be on your doorstep fast. No matter how big or small the job is, it is sometimes wise to use a certified professional that will tend to your needs with a guarantee. Our artisans are friendly and love to answer any questions you might have. They will first give you a no hidden charge quotation before they start working so you are under no obligation when you call us.

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