Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning with a free call out fee.

Sewer cleaning is a vital service during these times. We will want to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape during these times. Thus, we would like to keep necessary bacteria and parasites at bay. Elementary that we offer sewer cleaning services as an emergency service and obviously treat it with the highest priority at this point. Because we understand the dangers of a blocked drain and don’t just simply see a blockage as an inconvenience.

Sewer cleaning is a service we provide when your main sewer line has a blockage. Apart from when your toilet is blocked or your shower system is blocked, a sewer line blockage is the most common and can become rather complex. In certain instances, we might need to dig out your sewer line to do pipe repair when a section of your sewer line is compromised or damaged.

Tacking a closer look at some of the typical causes and issues that results in blockages are as follows:


Tree roots causing a sewer line blockage

Tree roots are designed to seek out moisture. Elementarily they will find moister expelled by a crack or damaged joint on the sewer line. Thus, growing towards the source, they will penetrate the pipe and start growing. The effluents flowing down the pipe are a great source of nourishment. Thus, the roots will start growing at an accelerated rate. Quickly blocking the flow down the pipe. Our teams carry the right tools to effortlessly remove the roots and treat the offending pipe. Using acid that kills the roots and thus avoids regrowth of the roots. In extreme cases, we will need to expose the pipe and replace the portion of the pipe that is damaged.

Damaged sewer pipes.

When your sewer pipes are damaged, it will result in constant blockages that will not stop. We open the drain and within a short period of time the sewer line is blocked again. In this case, the only solution is to expose the section of pipe that is damaged and to replace it. When clients contact us and say that they have a persistent blockage we know that the sewer line is damaged. Our teams are fast and work efficiently to expose the pipe. Repairing the pipe as fast as possible to ensure minimal discomfort to you. Because we understand that most households and offices come to a standstill. If the plumbing is not functioning the way it was designed.

Flushing oil and grease down the toilet.

Flushing oil and grease down the toilet cause blockages because debris flowing down the sewer line gets stuck on it and eventually causes a blockage. Our teams are equipped with the right tools to efficiently remove this blockage ensuring a free-flowing sewer line in no time.


Foreign objects flushed down the toilet.

Foreign objects flushed down the toilet like candy wrappers, dental floss, pads, tampons, soft toys, cigarette stubs, earbuds, and very importantly large balls of toilet paper causes blockages. In order to keep your sewer line healthy. You need to observe restraint when tempted to place anything in the toilet bowl which does not belong in it.

Sewer lines get blocked because of various reasons like tree roots damaging sewer lines, unhealthy habits of people flushing stuff down the toilet they should not, and mostly compromised sewer pipes.

We do because blockages never takes a day off.

When you see water flowing from inspection eyes, or you see the water in your toilet draining slower, it is a clear sign that you need to contact us for assistance.

When your drain starts to gurgle, or you notice that water drains slower from your shower, toilet, sink, basin, or toilet it is normally a clear sign that you are developing blockages. This is the time to rather call a professional as a DIY attempt could cause injury.

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