Faulty toilet repair

Faulty toilet repair

Faulty toilet repair done by us is guaranteed, checking every aspect of the toilet is for us the standard procedure. Thus we will ensure that every working part of your toilet will be checked to ensure that every part is in good working order. This is the only way we will be satisfied with the repair to ensure your total satisfaction.

Faulty toilet repairs

Beta Valve replacement

Beta Valve replacement ensures that the water flowing into your toilet is kept inside the cistern until you flush. Thus, when your Beta Valve is faulty, it will cause the water to flow straight through the Cistern into the toilet bowl. Losing large volumes of water that will be billed on your water and lights statement.

Faulty Ball Valve repair

Faulty Ball Valve repair done by us will carry a guarantee.  This is the part of your toilet that controls the amount of water flowing into your Cistern. If your Ball Valve system is faulty, it could cause water to flow through your Cistern overflow into your toilet bowl. Once your Ball Valve becomes faulty it could operate in the same way as an open tap. That is a scary amount of water you will lose daily.

Leaking Angle Valve repair

When you notice water dripping down the tap that supplies your toilet with water, you know that you have a faulty angle valve. Thus, you need a toilet repair. These we replace or service in record time as it is a simplistic job that does not require a lot of tools and time to do. The Flexi hose between the toilet and the angle valve gets replaced at the same time for good measure to ensure a proper one-time fix.

Leaking toilet exhaust

Leaking toilet exhaust is a major irritation as every time you flush it leaks. Thus, we need to seal the pipe to remedy the situation. Normally this is not a long process and does not require any real special tools and experience.

When you take a piece of toilet paper and rub it above the water line in your toilet bowl and it is wet, then you have a leaking Beta valve. When you see water near the toilet exhaust, you have a leaking toilet. When you notice water close to the stop cog near the toilet water supply, you have a leaking toilet.

Yes, a leaking toilet can easily waste 200 to 400 liters of water a day. Thus your leaking toilet can easily waste between 6 000 to 12 000 liters of water a month.

Yes, especially if it develops a crack. Once the toilet pan is crack it could be life threatening. When you sit on the toilet pan and it brakes it could cut you to pieces.

When the water in your toilet bowl starts to drain slower and slower, you are developing a blockage. When the water stops flowing from your toilet bowl you have a blocked toilet or a blocked sewer line.

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