Best plumbers in Sunninghill

So if you need plumbers in Sunninghill simply get in touch with one of the reliable. Flexible plumbing service providers over the phone and check out their list of local plumbers who can sort out any plumbing-related problems that you might have.

No project is too big or small – from your leaking toilet to that burst sewer pipe, fix it all up now! The professional plumbers in Sunninghill are experts at their jobs and are committed to making sure that your home or office is free of any problem.

They will carefully plan out a project from start to finish. From finding the right place to locate the leaks to bringing everything back to its original shape. That’s because they understand exactly what a plumber is capable of and have taken years of training to achieve the skills required in this field.

The plumbers in the locality will have a number of tools and gadgets to use for any plumbing-related problem, including the most up-to-date technology.

This also includes handy tools like a wrench set, pipe bender, drain snake, and drain snake auger to complete the job quickly. The skilled plumbers are also experts at repairing any leaking pipes or broken pipelines.

Sunninghill is a very busy place, especially during peak hours. Plumbers in Sunninghill are happy to assist with various services. Like sewerage maintenance, burst pipe repair, or any other plumbing-related repairs, so don’t hesitate to ask for one right away. Sunninghill plumbers are here to solve all your leaking problems within the shortest possible time.

Best plumbers in Sunninghill

We will save you time and money.

We have gained the trust of our customers through quality of our work, hard work, honesty and reliability. We are professionals that aim to give our clients value for their money.

All plumbing services

We are one of the best plumbers in Sunninghill that you can get for all your plumbing needs. In case you are looking for a plumber in Sunninghill, we have all the plumbing services that you need. We provide emergency plumbing services.

Same Day Service

If you need your plumbing problem fixed urgently, we will be at your place as soon as possibles to help you solve your problem. If you need some plumbing work done now or if you have just run into a pluming problem that you want solved urgently, we are here to help your with any of your plumbing problems.

Our plumbers are trained to provide high-quality service to you.

Our plumbers are certified, licensed, and have proven themselves in the industry. They are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

We are available 7 days a week

Our service is available every day of the week, so that you can rely on us. No need to wait for business hours!

Plumbers in Sunninghill is a local plumbing company that offers plumbing services in Sunninghill, Johannesburg.

Our plumbers in Sunninghill are some of the best in the industry. We are committed to providing you with a courteous, professional, and customer-focused experience. This means that when you work with us, you don’t just consider us a service, but a partner you can trust.

Our plumbers in Sunninghill are the best in the industry at what they do. This means you will never have to worry when you hire us to take care of your plumbing needs.

Our plumbers in Sunninghill are highly trained, and have the knowledge to handle all kinds of plumbing situations. From common problems like clogged pipes and dripping faucets to more unique problems like sewer backup.

We guarantee that you will be happy with the results when we are done with your job. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our work, we will come back and fix your plumbing problem at no additional charge to you.


No hidden costs, excellent service.

Our free quotes are also free of fine print. No extra surcharges. No hidden costs. Our repair estimates are realistic and accurate. And our workmanship comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Affordable and Quick.

Being the best plumbers in Sunninghill comes with a price tag. Being the cheapest plumbers in Sunninghill is easy when you cut corners to provide shoddy service. At The Happy Plumber, we work quickly and efficiently – saving you time and money.

We offer same day service to all our customers – whether it’s a burst pipe or a leaking toilet, we come to you! Our first-class plumbing service and affordable rates will leave you satisfied, guaranteed.

What our client say

Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend to make our lives a pleasure in Sandown. Thank you so much for the outstanding service.

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend

Jason Lewis Leaking toilet repaired over the weekend


Blocked sewer line cleaning on a Thursday evening prevented us from having an uncomfortable Friday because we could not handle the stench anymore.

Blocked sewer line cleaning

Blocked sewer line cleaning is a service we got from Plumb A Nator on Thursday evening. We slowly started smelling an odor on Wednesday evening, but we thought nothing of it. On Thursday it developed into a more severe smell.

Being customed to be in the house during the lockdown we did not really investigate what the cause was. However, during the course of Thursday afternoon, it developed into something very serious. We investigated and found that the drain was badly blocked.

We found Plumb A Nator on the internet and we contacted them. A lady that was very helpful answered and assisted us by gathering some information. She asked us what our address was and how long the drain was blocked. She stayed in contact with us throughout the whole ordeal.

The plumber arrived and he quickly investigated the blockage. He informed us that it was our mainline that was blocked. The toilets in our house were busy backing up and we were not even aware of it. He flushed the toilet and showed us that the toilet was draining slowly.

He offered us a free quotation and seeing the price we immediately responded with yes please help us. The plumber with the help of some of his staff used a machine and the drain was flowing freely again. After he was finished he also disinfected the area and the smell was gone.

He then told us that we should not be so worried about the smell. but rather about the parasites and bacteria that were spread by the drain. I can honestly say that these guys knew what they were doing and I will recommend them to anybody. This whole ordeal played out on a Thursday evening and we are so grateful that they could help us.

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning

Jenny Moore Blocked sewer line cleaning


A burst pipe in Randburg was repaired saving us a lot of potential water damage over the weekend. We can only thank you for this great service on a Sunday evening.

We arrived home from a friend after lunch. To our surprise shortly after arriving, a soaked staircase carpet. The sound of water running. A horror to say the least. What a disaster and that on a Sunday late afternoon. We rushed up the stairs to find that the water came from the upstairs bathroom ceiling.

Calling the plumber in Randburg

Calling the plumber in Randburg is no easy job as we struggled to get one that is available. Fortunately for us, we came across Plumb A Nator that answered the call and actually came out to us. We were so relieved and impressed to see the plumber pull up in the driveway. Shortly afterward he had the situation under complete control. He closed the water mains and repaired a burst pipe in the ceiling. What a relief. All of this after we got a free call-out fee and a free quotation. He was so kind to also clean the work area after he did the repair for us.

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening

A burst pipe in Randburg repaired on a Sunday evening


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