Plumbing FAQ for your easy living.

Some of the more common frequently asked questions people ask us when we do a plumbing repair for them.

We love answering questions clients have because it helps a lot to ensure that clients fully understand what we need to do to remedy the plumbing issue on hand. It is key for us to ensure that clients are fully aware of all aspects regarding a plumbing problem we are fixing. The reason is simple we are trying are as possible to be as transparent as possible. Thus helping to foster a long-term relationship with our clients as that is vital for businesses to survive in perilous times.

Plumbing FAQ

When you close all your taps and take a water reading from your municipal water meter, wait an hour, and then check your water meter and it did move you have a leak. The leak could be a leaking toilet so check for that.

Avoid using to much toilet paper as this causes blockages.

When you take a piece of toilet paper and rub it above the water line and the toilet paper is wet you know you have a leaking cistern.

Close the angle valve so we can replace it for you. If you don’t have an angle valve close your water mains and we will replace the Flexi pipe for you.

You should not flush dental floss, soft toys, pads, tampons, condoms, hair, cigarette stubs, oil, grease, fat, or sweets wrappers down your toilet as it will possibly cause a blocked toilet.

Yes, we don’t take chances with you or your investment. All our plumbers are fully certified and qualified. Using qualified plumbers ensures that you get the service you are paying for and we get fewer issues with comebacks that frustrates you and us.

Plumbing emergencies don’t take days off so we don’t either. We operate all hours of the day and night including weekends and public holidays.

Yes, we are. We take health and safety seriously as our staff is also at risk. Our most important aspect to our business apart from clients is our staff and we view them as our largest asset.

No, because no work was done yet. If we had to do some work to determine the problem and solution we might ask for a small fee depending on the issue but we will first confirm that with you. Thus when we are at your doorstep we don’t ask for anything. Before we charge for anything we will first get your ok beforehand.

Yes, we do. What uses it to you when you pay and not get a guarantee? Obviously, we are confident in our staff’s ability to fix your plumbing issue the first time right. However, if an issue comes up we sort it out very quickly as it happens exceptionally seldom. We are here to foster a long-term relationship with you so that you will only use our service as that is the only way to survive in business today.

We always do as it leaves a good impression and we love to impress. We always want you to be happy with our service and always call on us again when you have an issue.

Yes, we do because life does not revolve around money only. With this FAQ we are already doing it.

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